For a Changing World

UTB 400-C Testbox

Developed to support coin changers, bill validators, and cashless payment systems in MDB (12 and 24VDC), Executive, and BDV protocols; the UTB 400-C test box is both versatile and easy to use.

Product Features

  • - Fully functional vending machine simulator with configurable settings for price holding, single and multivend, and exact change.
  • - Support for MDB (24VDC and 12VDC), Executive (Protocol A), and BDV protocol peripherals.
  • - Supports MDB (12VDC) waking function.
  • - Software updateable via EPROM exchange.
  • - Two line multi-lingual display.
  • - Easy to use multifunction keyboard.
  • - Reports serial and model numbers of attached devices.
  • - Exact change light to indicate when in an exact change condition (Executive Only).
  • - COM interface to allow easy connection to a PC.
  • - Built-in coin acceptance, rejection counters, and credit accumulator.
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