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Retrofit Control Boards

Retrofit control boards are the perfect answer to extending the life of existing equipment. These replacement controllers offer the ability to have the same benefits available in new equipment at a tenth of the cost. Preserve all the original functionality plus provides modern day features such as MDB and Vend Sensing.

Product Features

  • - Upgrades machines to MDB while allowing use of current, state-of-the-art peripherals.
  • - Supports existing Dumbmech and Pulse validator.
  • - Tracks and stores DEX sales data.
  • - New, two-line display.
  • - Separates cash sales from cashless sales.
  • - Patented guaranteed vend delivery system.
  • - Sales blocking feature.
  • - Alarms and alerts of maintenance issues.
  • - Compatible with: AP 4/5/6/7000, AP 110, AP LCM, NATIONAL 145-148 and Polyvend Snack.

Product Images

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