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CAGE-530 Payment System Enclosure

The CAGE-530 Payment System Enclosure is another first from Coinco designed to compliment free standing table top machines. Provide your customers with great coffee and change.

Product Features

  • - Available in four variants: CAGE-530 (coin changer only), CAGE-530 Plus (coin changer and bill validator), CAGE-530-BNL (bill validator only), CAGE-530-MP (coin acceptor only).
  • - Robust solid steel construction - vandal proof.
  • - Multiple locking system and anti jemmy plinth - your money is safe.
  • - Simply retrofitted to any table top machine - giving you addition flexibility and placement options.
  • - Mechanical escrow (return).
  • - Gain more impulse sales by providing change.
  • - Coin return chute and cash box manufactured in solid steel.
  • - 2 point secure locking system.
  • - 3 keys provided with each unit.

Product Images

  • Cage-530-BNL Payment System Enclosure
  • Cage-530-MP Payment System Enclosure
  • Cage-530 Payment System Enclosure
  • Cage-530 Plus Payment System Enclosure
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