For a Changing World


Founded in 1958, Coin Acceptors is the oldest manufacturer of coin mechanisms in the world. For over 45 years, Coinco has led the way in product development for the unattended point-of-sale industries, developing a broad base of innovative payment solutions to meet our customers' needs. As industries continue to advance as a result of new technology, the need to anticipate and adapt to change is greater than ever. We recognize that automated vending equipment is getting smarter, tougher, more versatile and more reliable, and so must our products.

Today, Coinco offers a wide spectrum of payment solutions including coin changers, bill acceptors, high-capacity coin hoppers and cashless technology for virtually all unattended point-of-sale applications around the globe.

Coinco built its market-leading reputation by embracing innovative technology while maintaining a business philosophy that focuses on customer service. Coinco listens closely to the needs of its customers to ensure that each of its 200 products for the unattended-point-of-sale industries meet the changing needs of its varied markets.

Coinco in Europe

Founded in 1990, Coin Acceptors Europe (CAE) has been a leading force in European Vending and was one of the founding parties of the European Vending Association (E.V.A).

Since the start of the Euro project Coinco has been actively involved in the discussions and technical working parties behind the material and design of the new coins, and remains an active member of various technical working parties within the E.V.A monitoring and safe guarding the interests of vending across the European market.

The quality of both the Coinco product range and engineering ability was fully proven in the trouble free conversion from National to Euro coins that all Coinco customers experienced. The pro-active ability of our engineering facilities continues to be directed at maintaining the unbeatable level of validation security that Coinco is renown for.

Our Family of Companies

Royal Vendors, Inc. , another company in the Coinco family, is a leading manufacturer of cold beverage, can and bottle vending equipment. This strategic partnership has allowed Coinco to respond to the many changes in this market segment as well. Like Coinco, Royal Vendors is committed to an integrated approach for the design, manufacture and testing of its products to efficiently serve its world-wide customers.
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